WELCOME! We are pleased to bring you the following plants for Spring 2017:


TOMATOES (by color)


 Abe Lincoln – Heirloom, dating back to 1923. Large, indeterminate vines with large beefsteak type fruit. Classic red tomato flavor. Late season producer. (80+ days)

Atlantic Prize – the original Jersey Tomato! This beauty from Atlantic County dates back to the early 1880s. Very productive, producing 3 inch round fruits. (75 days)

Amish Paste – one of (if not) the best tomatoes for paste and canning. A classic. (80 days)

Jersey Devil – Pointed, pepper shaped tomatoes have very few seeds and are grade for canning and making sauce. Comparable to Amish Paste. (90 days)

Riesentraube – Full flavored cherry tomato. This German heirloom first offered in Philadelphia in the mid 1800’s. Translates to “Giant Bunch of Grapes”. (75 days)


German Johnson – Very large, crack resistant pink fruit (up to 2 lbs!). (85 days)


 Cherokee Purple – Famous heirloom with large, reddish purple fruits. Taste is unmatched. (80 days)

Paul Robeson – Tomato enthusiasts agree that this is one of the best heirloom tomatoes! Distinctive smoky taste and unmatched flavor.  (90 days)

Black Cherry – Rich flavor and extremely prolific. Large, indeterminate vine. (75 days)


 Black Beauty – This unique tomato’s blue-black color is attributed to its high content of the antioxidant anthocyanin. Very productive. Excellent flavor. (80 days)

Blue Berries – You’ve never seen cherry tomatoes like these! Small, plum colored tomatoes are high in the antioxidant anthocyanin. Colors change from green to blue to reddish purple when ripe. A Brad Gates variety. (75 days)

Black Vernissage – Vigorous indeterminate plant produces 2 ounce mottled fruits, similar in appearance to Pink Berkley Tie-Dye. Rich flavor. (75 days)


 Yellow Brandywine – Large, golden tomato. Some claim this variety tastes better than Pink Brandywine! Try it and see! Late season producer, but so worth the wait. (90 days)

Pineapple – Large, yellow and blush fruits can weigh up to 2 lbs.! (80 days)

 Sungold Select II – Tried and true cherry tomato. Gorgeous golden orange fruit tastes great in salads and gazpacho! Prolific grower. One of our all-time favorites! (65 days)

Napa Chardonnay Blush – This new Brad Gates variety is a light yellow color with excellent taste. Smaller indeterminate vines can be grown in containers, with ample support. (70 days)


 Green Zebra – Green striped fruit with a sweet and tangy taste. Heavy producer. (75 days)


 White Wonder – Medium sized, sweet and creamy tomato. Mix with Black Beauty for a unique Caprese salad! (85 days)


 Solar Flare – Hard to find, Brad Gates variety. Beefsteak tomato with beautiful red and yellow striping.  (75 days)

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye – Another stunning variety from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. Plum colored tomato with green striping. (70 days)


 Lucky Swirl – One of Craig Lehoullier’s varieties produced through his Dwarf Tomato Project. Indeterminate dwarf plant produces yellow tomatoes with hints of blush, similar to Pineapple. Great for Containers! (90 days)

Adelaide Festival – Indeterminate compact dwarf variety produces pinkish/purple tomatoes with green striping, similar to Pink Berkley Tie Dye. Dwarf Tomato Project. (80 days)

Yukon Quest- Pink, Beefsteak type tomato ripens early to mid-season. Very meaty. Dwarf Tomato Project. (75 days).

Boronia Dwarf - Compact dwarf variety produces medium sized fruits similar in taste to Paul Robeson. Dwarf Tomato Project. (70 days)

Iditarod Red – Another gem from the Dwarf Tomato Project. Container friendly dwarf tomato produces an abundance of 2-4 oz. round red fruit. (80 days)

Dwarf Wild Fred – Compact plant produces medium sized purplish-black fruit. A good choice for patio containers. (85 days)

Rosella Purple – A dwarf alternative to Cherokee Purple! Great heirloom flavor on a patio sized plant. (75 days)

Snow Fairy – These dwarf plants are perfect for containers! Growing only about a foot tall, this tomato is one of the earliest to produce. (55 days)


Pinocchio Orange – for tomato enthusiasts with seriously limited space. Plants are less than 12” in height, yet still adequately productive. (50 days)

Sirja’s Love – very sweet, yellow cherry tomato. Great in small planters or hanging baskets. Indeterminate. Early producer.

Gartenperle – red cherry tomato that excels in hanging baskets. Mid-season determinate variety.

Minibel – Determinate, dwarf cherry tomato plant produces an abundance of small red fruit. Perfect in hanging baskets or window boxes! (65 days)


Hundreds & Thousands – this variety lives up to its name! Loads of red, currant size fruit produce over a long season. Performs best with some afternoon shade.

Tumbling Tom Yellow – this is an open-pollinated variety of a popular commercial hybrid.  Sweet, golden fruits are produced on long hanging vines. Very prolific.


 Midnight Dreams Bell Pepper – unique black bell peppers! One of a kind! (75 days)

Marta Polka – compact, prolific producer that grows great in containers! Peppers mature to a golden yellow color. (75 days)

Albino Bullnose – creamy white sweet peppers that grow 3-4” in length. Grow with Midnight Dreams for a unique contrast! (65 days)

Tequila Sunrise – Carrot shaped, sweet orange peppers are as decorative as they are delicious. (70 days)

Corona Sweet Bell Pepper – Sweet orange bell pepper. Excellent eaten raw or in salads. (70 days)

Ozark Giant - Vigorous plant produces very large bells that mature from green to red. (75 days)


Purple Jalapeno – your traditional jalapeno that turns a deep purple before maturing to red. One of our best sellers! (85 days)

Chocolate Habanero – not for the faint of heart! Very productive plant produces chocolate colored peppers later in the summer. Great for hot sauce! (90 days)

Peach Habanero – similar in size and productivity as the Chocolate Habanero, but this beauty is colored light orange/peach. (90 days)

Lightning Mix - unique Habanero type pepper with a huge array of colors. Peppers can vary from red, orange, yellow, salmon, green or brown. (90 days)

Carolina Reaper – earn bragging rights by growing the world’s hottest pepper! Over 1.5 million Scovilles! (90+ days)

Fish Pepper – Peppers range from green to red when ripe. Variegated foliage makes it very ornamental. (80 days)

Poblano – Mild heat. Great in Mexican cuisine. (85 days)

EGGPLANT (by color)


 Casper – white, mild tasting eggplant. (75 days)

 White Beauty – White 6 inch fruit. Plant performs well in hot, humid areas. (70 days)


 Black Beauty – Classic eggplant variety. Late season producer (90 days)

Morden Midget – Compact eggplant variety produces earlier than most. Fruit are 3-4 inches in length. Perfect for containers. (60 days)

Astrakom – an eggplant for containers! 4” inch dark purple fruits. (60 days)


 Ping Tung – extremely prolific Chinese eggplant variety. Light purple fruits are 15” long and 2” wide. Works well in containers. (70 days)


 Miniature White – white, pickling cucumber that is delicious raw as well! Compact, bush type plants rarely grow larger than 3 feet. Great for containers! (50 days)

Lemon – famous heirloom from the 1800’s! Fruits are yellow and resemble a lemon, but have a mild, sweet taste. (60 days)

Muncher – green and tender burpless variety grows on vigorous vines. Pick small for pickling, or let fruits grow up to 8” for eating fresh. (60 days)

Straight Eight – classic green burpless variety, dates back to the early 1900’s.  Eight inch fruits produced earlier than most, and more resistant of mildew and mosaic virus. (50 days)

Dragon’s Egg - Cream colored, egg shaped fruit are produced on this Croatian heirloom. Unique and delicious! (65 days)


 Cocozella Di Napoli Zucchini Squash – very attractive and delicious green and white striped fruit. (55 days)

Early Prolific Straightneck Squash – this award winning, bright yellow squash lives up to its name! Try it and see! (50 days)


Cantare  - (55 days) French bush bean variety produces stringless 4-5 inch pods, Very productive snap variety.

Dragon’s Tongue - Unique Dutch heirloom produces yellow pots with vibrant purple streaks on 6-7” pods. Enjoy raw or shelled. (60 days)

Beurre De Rocquencourt – Heirloom wax variety. Yellow pods produced on busy plants. A gourmet favorite. (50 days)


Charentais Melon – This French heirloom produces 3 lb. fruit with bright orange, fragrant flesh. Absolutely delicious, this is one of our favorites!  (85 days)

Moon & Stars Watermelon - A late summer treat! Beautiful bright yellow spots adorn this watermelon, giving it the appearance of the night sky. This delicious heirloom dates back to the 1920’s. Well worth the wait! (95 days)

Ground Cherry – Unique, super productive plant puts out hundreds of small, husk covered fruits. Slightly tart taste with vanilla undertones. These rarely made it to the kitchen as kids love to pick and eat this fruit! Yellow when ripe. (70 days)


 Variety 6-pack includes a mix of greens, which could include the following:

  • Vates Collards
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard
  • Dinosaur Kale
  • Scarlet Kale
  • Ragged Jack Kale
  • Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach


Salad bowls includes gourmet heirloom varieties such as Merlot Lettuce, Tom Thumb Lettuce, Butter King Lettuce, Cimmaron Lettuce and Migonette Lettuce. 


 Basil – Emily – a compact, Genovese basil variety perfect for containers.

Basil – Red Freddy – your traditional Genovese basil with a twist – deep purple leaves! Beautiful and delicious.

Lemon Basil - Unique citrus flavor! Use in cocktails or with seafood dishes. Also makes a great pesto. 

Sweet Thai Basil – This variety has a licorice flavor and is very popular in Asian cuisine. Purple stems and flowers are very ornamental. Works well in containers.

Holy Basil - Also known as “Tulsi”, this strain of basil is both edible and can be used for medicinal purposes.

Slo-Bolt Cilantro – a cilantro variety that is slower to bolt (flower) in hot conditions.

Giant of Italy Parsley – large flat leaf Italian variety.

Fernleaf Dill – early, compact dill variety grows to about 18” in height. This slow bolting variety is well-suited for containers.

Greek Oregano –Fresh oregano is far superior to dried! This is a must for making sauce.

Wild Zaatar Oregano – Israeli heirloom; excellent for cooking. Perennial, once established.

Marjoram – Similar to oregano, but with a sweeter flavor. Very fragrant.

Summer Thyme – Strong flavor makes this perennial plant great for cooking. 90 days

Wild Thyme – Perennial; also known as creeping thyme. Low, substrate plant with purple flowers. Very fragrant and can be used for cooking or medicinal purposes.

Rosemary - Tender perennial. Grow in containers for overwintering.

Munstead Lavender - Compact, winter hardy perennial strain. Evergreen & very fragrant. Can be used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

Broad-leaf Sage – Silvery gray foliage on compact, perennial plants.

Mint – Your typical garden variety essential for mojitos. No garden is complete without it! Keep it contained in a pot, as it is seriously invasive.

Borage - medicinal herb with edible leaves and blue, star-shaped flowers. Will attract native pollinators. Grow as a companion plant with strawberries, tomatoes and squash. 

Chives - Cool season crop with a mild, onion flavor. Perennial.

Lemon Balm – Delicious lemon flavored herb is a great addition to teas. Keep this perennial in a container to avoid spreading.

Catnip – Don’t forget your feline friends! 


 Legion of Honor Marigold – dwarf marigold with single, yellow flowers accented with maroon. Beautiful and timeless! In a six-pack.

Cupid Marigold – dwarf marigold with chrysanthemum like blooms. We offer both the Golden and Orange varieties. In a six-pack.

Kilimanjaro White Marigold – large variety with creamy white 2 inch ruffled flowers. Great in the garden or as a cut flower. In a six-pack.

Yellow Pygmy Sunflower – dwarf yellow sunflower that only reaches 18” tall!

Sun Spot Dwarf Cola Sunflower – great for containers! Large blooms sit atop a 2-3 foot plant. A beautiful conversation piece for your patio.

Teddy Bear Sunflower – adorable double blooming sunflower with fluffy petals that only grows up to 2 feet.

Mexican Sunflower – (Tithonia rotundifolia) Hundreds of fire red flowers bloom all season on a robust plant. Magnet for butterflies and other pollinators.

Vesuvius Nasturtium – gorgeous salmon colored flowers are a delicious addition to salads!

Empress of India Nasturtium – red and orangey-red blooms with dark colored foliage.

Pink Surprise Calendula – frilly apricot colored blooms are cold-hardy and last until hard frosts. Great companion plant for your vegetables.

Chocolate Morning Glory – This white edged, mauve colored variety has green and white mottled leaves. Slow to flower, but well worth the wait. Very unique! (Note: NOT edible – toxic if consumed)

Black-eyed Susan Vine – (Thunbergia alata) Cheery trio of white, yellow and orange flowers with black eyes in a hanging basket. This unique flowering vine is one of our best sellers! Vines can climb up to 15 feet and typically produce until frost.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Items with low availability might not be posted. We can also custom grow varieties for you. CONTACT US to let us know what you need.